Joe Scarborough Sums Up Trump’s ‘Weak point Throughout The Globe’ With 6 Little Phrases

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough has known as out President Donald Trump for boasting about his administration’s international coverage accomplishments.

Trump tweeted his criticism of former President Barack Obama’s stances on the self-styled Islamic State (also referred to as ISIS), North Korea and Afghanistan on Wednesday morning.

Scarborough agreed that “issues weren’t going nicely with the North Koreans and Barack Obama or previous presidents” however that was solely as a result of “not one of the previous presidents gave them the kind of victories that Donald Trump did with out them having to do something.”

“He’s exhibiting extraordinary weak spot and the North Koreans are loving it,” he added. “Vladimir Putin. Weak point throughout the globe. A retreat from Syria, Afghanistan, the Taliban.”

Scarborough later succinctly summed up “the international coverage pronouncements of Donald Trump and what he’s attempting to do” in six phrases: “In each case, it’s retreat, retreat, retreat, give up, give up, retreat.”