CNN Fired Marc Lamont Hill For Saying Palestinians Deserve Equal Rights

Marc Lamont Hill, a professor at Temple College and a fierce advocate for equality, was maybe the strongest, most articulate and most passionate voice in opposition to racism and bigotry amongst CNN’s common contributors. At present, CNN fired him as a result of he believes Palestinians, too, match right into a imaginative and prescient the place all individuals deserve equal rights. For CNN, that was simply an excessive amount of.

Marc was focused by what can solely be described as an organized marketing campaign to silence his principled and constant advocacy in opposition to racism and for the equal therapy of all individuals, together with Palestinians. Wednesday, as a part of a Particular Assembly of the Committee on the Train of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian Individuals, in observance of the United Nations Worldwide Day of Solidarity With the Palestinian Individuals at U.N. headquarters in New York, Marc was invited as a member of civil society to supply an announcement to the discussion board. He did so having simply returned from the Palestinian territories, and he made clear that his expertise as a black American and the historical past of wrestle in opposition to slavery and Jim Crow in the USA inform his solidarity with the Palestinian individuals.

The demand that Palestinians have equal rights from the river to the ocean is just not radical or racist or bigoted.

In his remarks, Marc outlined the necessity to work for the human rights of Palestinians in step with the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights and that this consists of the rights of Palestinian refugees and Palestinians residing beneath navy occupation within the West Financial institution and Gaza, in addition to Palestinian residents of Israel who face routine discrimination. The geography the place this discrimination and mistreatment takes place is within the land between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean sea. This consists of Israel and the West Financial institution and Gaza. But critics jumped on Marc’s use of the phrase “from the river to the ocean” to painting him as some type of radical eliminationist ― somebody who believes that Israel ought to be violently destroyed or that Jews ought to be forcibly expelled ― when anybody who heard his assertion or is aware of his advocacy can let you know he’s something however.

The demand that Palestinians have equal rights from the river to the ocean is just not radical or racist or bigoted. Reasonably, something wanting that may be.

You see, Palestinians should have their full human rights wherever they reside. Simply as we must always count on nothing lower than equal rights for African-People or any group ― from sea to shining sea ― and never simply in some tiny fraction of the USA, so too ought to Palestinians be afforded equal therapy beneath the legislation irrespective of in what a part of the land between the river and the ocean that they reside.

Individuals ought to be handled as equals earlier than the legislation, no matter their identification. This isn’t rocket science, and it actually isn’t tough to grasp until, maybe, you help racist and discriminatory rule.

CNN sees no cause to fire Rick Santorum, who in the past has denied that Palestinians even exist and has claimed same-sex mar

Bloomberg through Getty Pictures

CNN sees no trigger to fireside Rick Santorum, who up to now has denied that Palestinians even exist and has claimed same-sex marriage is akin to terrorism.

The fact, in fact, is that it’s Israel that guidelines from the river to the ocean, having unified the territory beneath its management in 1967 and has since then, a half century later, nonetheless didn’t afford equal rights to the Palestinians who reside beneath its rule. Actually, it’s Israel’s continued consolidation of this complete territory, by way of settlements and navy occupation, that has made any risk of a two-state resolution, which was already unfair to Palestinians, unattainable and has made positions just like the one Hill outlined in his speech not solely cheap but additionally the one viable and humane resolution.

That’s exactly why this imaginative and prescient of equality is threatening to those that are stalwart defenders of Israel’s apartheid insurance policies. Actually, a ballot discovered that if a two-state resolution is unachievable ― and that ought to be fairly apparent at this level to anybody paying consideration ― that equal rights for Israelis and Palestinians in a single-state, once more from the river to the ocean, was supported by 63 % of People, together with 74 % of Democrats, 54 % of independents and even 50 % of Republicans.

Figuring out properly that People will flip in opposition to apartheid in the long term, defenders of Israel’s discriminatory insurance policies have turned to silencing the critics they will’t greatest within the battle for American public opinion. Much more threatening is when individuals who come from varied oppressed communities, who’ve struggled for and proceed to wrestle for his or her rights, perceive the Palestinian wrestle not as a nationalist one however as a rights-based wrestle for equality in opposition to a essentially discriminatory regime.

CNN has sadly made it clear which aspect of this query it stands on. Whereas it fired Hill for the offense of believing Palestinians ought to be handled equally, it continues to make use of and have serial liar Rick Santorum, who has denied that Palestinians even exist and claimed same-sex marriage was akin to terrorism.

So the message is evident and plain. All of the despicable, offensive issues that Santorum says will not be fireable offenses. They’ve even put up with Jeffrey Lord’s horribly offensive, racist and routinely incoherent blathering for years. It took him actually tweeting a Nazi salute for CNN to determine he was unfit for its air.

However Marc Lamont Hill requires treating Palestinians as equal human beings with equal human and civil rights, and he’s out the door in 24 hours.

This is CNN, and it ought to be ashamed.

Yousef Munayyer is the chief director of the U.S. Marketing campaign for Palestinian Rights.