Acquired A Story About Having Your Interval At Work? We Need To Hear It.

It’s 2019, and stigma surrounding menstruating nonetheless flows freely all through our society ― together with methods to take care of it at work. There’s a lot to be mentioned, lamented over and examined with regards to experiencing a interval on the job, and we wish to hear from you about it.

HuffPost is in search of anecdotes about getting your interval whereas working (as a result of who hasn’t walked to the lavatory with a tampon shoved up their sleeve?); tales about durations impacting employment standing; what folks do and don’t get ― and need extra of ― from their employers; and what may be accomplished to alleviate the ache, each literal and figurative, that may accompany the month-to-month expertise.

Does your organization have an superior interval coverage you wish to brag about? Nice! We wish to hear about it. Does your organization have a less-than-ideal or downright unacceptable strategy? We wish to hear from you about that, too. 

In the event you’re thinking about sharing your story, ship an e-mail to utilizing the topic line “Durations at Work.”